Life often brings unexpected expenses; higher then expected electricity bill, car repairs, medical bill  -- the list goes on... Unlike traditional loans from a bank, a pawn loan can provide you with cash in hand immediately, dependent on the value of the items you already own. When you are in need of extra cash, and you have items that qualify for a pawn loan, please visit us at Economy Pawn where our staff would be more then happy to help and assist you!


Items of value you posses and wish to sell outright for cash.


When coming in with an item you wish to pawn, we require a valid provincial or federal picture identification. To help speed up the process, providing any additional information such as original bill of sales or appraisals can certainly help. However, in most cases you can be in and out with cash in your hands within 10 minutes.


This is our specialty! Whether we pay you outright or we lend you money on your pawned items which you can redeem within 30 days. You can get cash on the spot!